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Slippery Elm 

Winner - Slippery Elm Prose Contest

I met Jesus of Nazareth near a Wal-Mart south of Jackson, Tennessee about the same time my wife and I were talking divorce.


The McNeese Review

"Edith scratches her forearm. A scurf of dead skin flutters into her lap, salting her black jeans. I resist chiding her. Why does she insist on wearing black? Why can’t she keep from scratching all the time? Why did this blow up into some Medici-level, online intrigue with her classmates? Why now? Why is her body doing this now?"

Advanced Studies in Cryptozoology


with Robert James Russell

"They turned down a logging path, bumping along for miles until they reached a trailer at the end like a witch's house in a fairy tale."

Sometimes a Vague Notion

New Ohio Review

"Here in the backyard of our mutual friend in San Diego, holding beers while a balmy twilight coats us in aquatic hues, a woman talks about Norway. Norway by way of Bulgaria."

Lingua Flanka

Daily Science Fiction

The first recorded message from a cow is this: "Room grass no grass person pet person grass together."

Let Mythical Beasts Flourish

The Tishman Review

Ancil used to think the world might react favorably to the myakka apes. He, Ancil, was not the ugly one. He was not a monster. Monsters were monsters.

Tishman Review