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Reiterations Cover (just front for websi

“Armstrong’s writing is full of quiet surprises. I immediately want to read it again to find out how the writer did that—which is the highest compliment I can pay any story.”                         

                      —AMBER SPARKS

“David Armstrong has that gift of saying so much with a perfectly pitched line of dialogue, a description of the night sky. Mostly I love Armstrong’s disconnected and beautifully unpredictable characters.”

                         —TOM BARBASH

“With sharp language and unexpected revelations, Armstrong writes his characters and their stories deep into our imaginations. There's magic on every page of Reiterations.”                   

                        —NOLEY REID


Winner of the New American Fiction Prize

Bodies beneath hotel mattresses, predatory corporations, a zoo celebrating its strange new arrival, and a desperate boy—the stories in Reiterations are told in pairs, each story one half of a new perspective on family, survival, love, and loss.

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