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"Armstrong's stories use the magic of the short form done right at full potency. Each narrative ignites with a fiercely unique premise, then grows brighter still through unparalleled testimonies of life's most honest and painful truths. I finished this collection consumed with gratitude; every so often a book comes along that entirely renews your excitement for reading: this is one of them."

                        —Alissa Nutting

"Gritty and constantly surprising, each story in Going Anywhere bears the deep resonance of a novel. David Armstrong peoples his worlds with wounded, volatile characters shoved to life’s periphery. Like Flannery O’Connor and Chris Offutt, he looks long where others would look away. A tremendous collection of marvelous stories."    

                        —Claire Vaye Watkins



Going Anywhere

Short Stories

Going Anywhere paints an unruly America of the mind.

A father fights to get his terminally ill son to a public pool with miraculous properties. Angels appear at a Wal-Mart to a man contemplating a robbery. A heroin-addicted mother kidnaps her own child to teach him about beauty. A stray dog speaks the word 'spaghetti' and exposes a man's infidelities. Expectant parents ply ghosts for answers about their unborn child. And parishioners of a church seek atonement by carrying the severed hands of corpses across the country.

Family. Religion. The debts we owe. The heartsick souls here dig up magic on the road and get dirt under their fingernails. 

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